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Dear Friends,

My Great Aunt Beep knew how to shop. The woman could walk into just about any store and find something she just had to have. Aunt Beep never bought just one of anything. If she saw something she liked she bought one in each color and each size. She bought a lot of things for herself, but most of her shopping wares went to "the kids".

Growing up, Christmas was a sea of presents spread out in awe-inspiring quantities on my grandmother's living room floor. On Christmas night she would pull up in her silver "Caddy" and lay on her horn until we all ran outside to unload the car. At full count there were 17 members of the Family who gathered every Christmas, and Beep methodically bought a minimum of 5 gifts per person...not including stockings for each one of us stuffed with everything from bad candy and bizarre toys to cuff links, pearls and 50 dollar bills. Add to that the "back-up gifts" which remained unwrapped in the event that your sweater was the wrong size or color- she could reach into one of the dozen remaining paper shopping bags and pull out a more suitable version.

Beep had a thing for tacky- no one would ever deny that. But she also knew the value of a long lasting gift, and held onto just about everything she came in contact with in the event that it should become a "collectors item".

Beep loved glamour. She lived at the infamous Hollywood Roosevelt for an undisclosed amount of time during the silver screen era in an effort to become an actress. I like to think Aunt Beep's on screen persona fell somewhere between Bette Davis and a raunchy version of Lucille Ball.

She also had a flair for the unusual. At her passing "the kids" were left with a house in Denver full of Wedgewood china, vintage linens, old movie magazines, jewelry galore, 1950's toys in mint condition, decks of retro playing cards (she loved to gamble) shoes, hats, gloves, and decades of memories filled with Aunt Beep and her bizarre shopping habits.

So today, living in the same bizarre city she once called home, and possessed with the temptation of the original, the perfect, and the fabulous shopping find, I bring to you Aunt Beep. My parameters are few: just a vision to house a place where artists and designers can have a chance to sell their wares, and the consumer can have the opportunity to buy "one in every color" knowing she might not find something like this anywhere else.

All artists represented at Aunt Beep have the same characteristics: passion, persistence, a sense of humor, (a dark side), humility and confidence. . .The results are varied and unique.

I have a personal notion that Beep single-handedly started the Customer Service movement. That woman could work a sales clerk. And she wasn't afraid of the manager either. Beware the man who could not exchange her stockings. To her credit, she always got what she wanted...and why shouldn't she? She paid enough for it. I bring that same sentiment to you. Fight me tooth and nail- bargain, demand and drive me crazy with questions. I'm not afraid. I live in Los Angeles...everything amazes me, but nothing surprises me.

The beauty of Aunt Beep is that it is ever-changing, check back from time to time, you'll be glad you did! If you live in L.A. please sign up to receive invitations to Aunt Beep parties and art shows...(a secondary passion of mine almost bigger than shopping is entertaining), and you'll get a chance to meet the artists and see everything live and in color.
Aunt Beep can talk on and on forever. . .
Go shopping!!

Very Truly Yours,

Tracey Tee


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